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Live to Remember

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2 Live Your Life Spring Break 2015 Quotes

Have you ever been lucky enough to leave school behind and hit up the beach for spring break?

Lucky enough to enjoy ‘catch up’ week amongst some of your best friends?

I choose to live in the now and make my dreams realities every day.

Be Brave, Face Your Fears Every Day

Is there something that you want out of this life but for some reason you’re not really going for it? Could it be that fear is holding you back?

Push that fear away, let courage drown out the fears, be brave.

What you are capable of achieving if you simply remove fear from the equations is more than what you believe can even be a reality. However, you cannot achieve if you let fear keep you from moving forward, if you let fear keep you from being you.

What Is Greatness? The Result Of Time And Perseverance

Have you ever dreamt of achieving greatness?

Ever dreamt of making all your dreams realities?

You can achieve all that you want.

Ice Fishing Saturday, Do Something Fun Everyday

Have you ever gone ice fishing?

Okay maybe you have maybe you haven’t. However the point isn’t necessarily ice fishing but doing something fun, doing something you enjoy.

Today was a beautiful Saturday morning, not too cold but with a slight breeze. Today we went ice fishing. Now for those of you who have gone ice fishing before, you may know that you don’t always get lucky and catch enough fish for your next few meals, sometimes, you don’t catch nothing. You also know that when you go ice fishing, well it’s not the most active of sports and so it ends up being a rather social outing if you’re going with a few friends.

Today was an ice fishing, get to relax and enjoy the day with everyone kind of feel to it. Being outside and catching up on some vitamin D and fresh air kind of day. These days are important.

Days of being outside with friends and just being are great days. They are fun.

However, these days should not be limited to once a week Ice Fishing Saturday’s, days of fun should be everyday.

Step By Step We Reach Our Goals

Ever feel like your not moving forward?

You’re working a project but it seems as if all the work you are putting in isn’t fruitful?

It happens to the best of us, sometimes it seems we’ve hit a brick wall and all we can get done is two sentences worth.. However this is just an illusion. Yes we’ve materealistically may have accomplished little but alteast you did accomplish something. You’re still moving forward. An accumulation of these seeminglingly pointless hours will add up and will be part of the overall work in reaching the goal.

Being On Time, The Truth Of It And How To Achieve It

Have you ever been in a rush? In a last minute dash to get to that important meeting? To make that ever approaching deadline? To catch that last bus?

Ya, we all have right.

Well have you ever heard of the saying that goes along the lines of ‘being on time is being late, and being early is being on time’?

In this short video you will see what it means. It’s an important concept to grasp that somehow seems to evade the mind every now and then until we find ourselves in a rush again.

Work And Relax, It’s Important To Take Breaks Along The Way

Are you getting stressed out at work? Do you feel like you need a breather?

How about taking smaller regular breaks to rid the stress. Instead of go go go, try work, work, relax, work, work, relax…

Chase Your Dreams Into Reality, Don’t Just Wish For Them

Do you have a dream? Do want that dream to be a reality? How badly do you want it to be a reality?

Did you know that the single most powerful person in making that dream a reality is you?

You have all the power you need to make your dreams, realities.

Work From Home Because Getting To Work Is A Hassle

Do you ever feel like sometimes you just won’t be able to make it to work on time? Traffic is worse than normal, you alarm didn’t go off, maybe the kids couldn’t find their matching sock. Well in this short video I’d like to present to you another reason for now making it to work on time.